1000/2000 Series
Bass Baby
2000 Series Anchoring

Providing the ultimate flexibility in configuration, simple installation and extreme durability, the 2000 Connect-A-DockŪ, floating dock, Series is the logical choice for extending your waterfront enjoyment. Its unique connection system allows the Connect-A-Dock to be configured (and re-configured) in an unlimited variety of shapes to suit your particular needs. The lightweight float sections can be assembled with a wrench (in addition to anchoring). The environmentally safe polyethylene plastic surface assures season after season of low-maintenance service. The UV-protected, puncture-resistant deck is color-molded with a slip-resistant surface that sheds water and the sun's extreme temperature. Closely spaced support ribs provide rigidity underfoot, while the unique design of the float chambers trap air on the surface of the water for additional buoyancy.

Dead Man Collar


$167.00 + Freight